20 Aug 2010

Hi there again...

I've just got back from my holidays and I realise that I haven't posted anything for ages so I thought that a great way to get the blog back up and running would be to do a completely pointless experiment to find the "nicest" club. Most people would consider a number of clubs like Fulham to be nicer clubs than other clubs like, for instance Birmingham but this will prove which ones actually are the nicest. So, how does it work? Well, I send the message below to the enquiries e-mail address of all the clubs in the Premiership and judge the responses I get to make a league table.

I am looking to write an article for my blog about how players' shoe sizes relate to their success and if it relates to a team's style of play. As one of the Premiership teams, I was wondering if I could have the shoe sizes of the first team players as part of my survey.

Yours Sincerely,
Stijn (Diehard fan)

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