19 Sep 2010

Results of a Pointless Experiment

As some of you will have read in my previous blog post, I started an experiment to see which Premier League clubs were the "nicest" by sending each club an email requesting player shoe sizes for a survey to see how player shoe sizes affected a team's style of play. I am afraid to tell you that said experiment was a total disaster. Most of the clubs, I assume, saw through the request and thought it implausible that any of the interweb's many bloggers would spend any time researching this kind of thing, becuase none of the teams had the information I was looking for, only 7 people got back to me, and only 2 of them didn't direct me to another department, never to get another reply again. As a result, I have changed my experiment to use a simpler method, Google. I have rated teams based on the hits for pages under "I like "/"I hate ". So, here it is, the final table of the My Thoughts About Sports Premier League Club Niceness Index:

  1. Tottenham 47.35

  2. Fulham 43.59
  3. West Ham 12.76
  4. Stoke City 12.31

  5. Wigan 8.85
  6. Sunderland 6.19

  7. Bolton 4.86
  8. Man U 3.45
  9. Blackburn 3.10
  10. Arsenal 2.11
  11. Blackpool 2.07
  12. Man City 1.78
  13. Liverpool FC 1.60
  14. Newcastle FC 1.17
  15. Chelsea 1.16
  16. West Bromwich Albion 1.00
  17. Everton 0.55

  18. Aston Villa 0.50
  19. Wolves FC 0.05
  20. Birmingham City 0.001

Tottenham top the table with an astounding 664 000 "likers" to only 13 600 "haters", and Fulham maintain their "Nice Guys" image with only 3000 more "likers" than Spurs but also1700 more "haters". Chelsea have, unsurprisingly the most "haters" by a factor of about 15 with 745 000 "haters" but also manage to have the highest number of "likers" with 864 000. West Brom fans and rivals alike are incredibly quiet about their feelings with only 1 hit for either of the statements on google. For some of the clubs I had to put the long name of a team to avoid people's opinions of certain cities or, in one case, carnivorous canine mammals. The one that clearly stands out is Birmingham, with a ratio of likers/haters of only 0.001. There were only 5 hits for "I like Birmingham City" but 4430 for "I hate Birmingham City". If you think that any teams are unfairly placed or would like to comment on anything else in this post feel free to comment below.

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